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Our Location Amrit Marg - 26, Jyatha, Thamel
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Universal Cargo Express Pvt. Ltd (UCE) has been established on July 2009 and has its having registered office at the tourist hub of Thamel in Kathmandu, Nepal. It is managed by a highly qualified team of professionals with many of them possessing work experience of more than 18 years in international trade and operation of worldwide logistics. The lead members of the team in particular have had the experience of working in executive positions in other companies earlier.

Sea Freight

Sea freight is an eminent feature among the services offered by UCE.

Air Freight

Where time is of essence for certain shipments, airfreight is the natural choice.

Courier Service

Where time is of essence for certain courier service is the natural choice.


Consolidation is by far the most popular and cost effective way to manage freight movement.

Logistic Service

We excel in facilitating our clients with the following logistic services