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Sea freight is an eminent feature among the services offered by UCE. Our network of agents and logistic partners worldwide enable our clients to benefit from a package tailored to their individual needs and the requirements. We excel in facilitating our clients with the following Sea Freight services:-

  • Import de-consolidation services
  • Worldwide export consolidation services
  • Handling FCL’s / LCL’s shipments to worldwide destinations

FCL: If a shipper / Importer have enough cargo to make either a 20ft or 40ft container cost effective, the product is sold at a “container rate”. That is, the customer pays an agreed price for the container, and then it is totally up to his discretion as to how much cargo is placed inside the container. Of course the more tonnage placed inside the container the lower the unit price.

LCL: This is the same type of product, as the consolidation service on airfreight. When there is not enough cargo to warrant paying for a 20ft container, space is sold at the applicable weight / measure price to and from the major ports throughout the world. This is effectively a group age service.
Since we work with all shipping lines, a detailed schedule of services can be provided to our customers. This would clearly detail the frequency, transit time and real freight costs, which do vary considerably for different lines within the same trade route.